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The Highlands of Iceland is the part of Iceland where people don’t live.  It’s nature’s kingdom, for us to adore.  We will lead you on tour like no other, with waterfalls, stark contrast and pure, amazing nature.

The Highlands in all their glory!

Highlights include:

  • Landmannalaugar
  • Eldgjá volcanic rift
  • Sveinstindur
  • Vatnajökull glacier
  • Mælifellssandur black desert
  • Hekla volcano
  • Eyjafjallajökull (yes, that one)
PICK-UP Pick-up is at your hotel/accommodation in Reykjavík, or somewhere en route.
DEPARTURE TIME Every day between June and September.
DURATION Two full days, 1 night.
WEAR Comfortable clothing, according to weather.
SUITABLE FOR Everyone, but tour includes moderate hikes.
Super Jeep or 4×4 mini-coach

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All bookings, inquiries and cancellations must be made by e-mail: info@thisisiceland.is

Suggested Itinerary for “The Highlands in 2 days”

Day 1



Passengers get picked up in their accommodation in Reykjavík.

Drive over Rangárvellir

On the way we’ll tell you stories about Mt. Hekla and how she (yes, it’s a she) has affected life in this area.  We’ll also visit the remains of Gamla-Næfurholt, the farm closest to Mt. Hekla.

Drive Dómadalsleið

We’ll drive through gravel roads through the Dómadalsleið road and if weather permits, visit Rauðaskál Crater and up towards Litla Hekla (a debris mound on the shoulder of Mt. Hekla).

Picnic with a view

We’ll sit down for a picnic in the Icelandic nature.  If the weather is unfavorable we’ll drive straight to Landmannalaugar and have lunch there.


This nature reserve is known for its spectacular rock formations, multicolored rhyolite mountains and expansive lava fields, along with the geothermal natural baths in the area.  We’ll take a walk around the area and take a bath in the natural pools.

Lake Langisjór

Langisjór is a 20 km long and 2 km wide lake up in the highlands, far from civilization.  Enjoy the solitude and magnificent landscape!

Sveinstindur -BBQ and overnight stay

We’ll end the day by Sveinstindur and put up a nice camp with our private Kitchen tent.  We’ll set up a BBQ and have a feast.  If weather permits and people are up for it, we can hike up to Mt. Sveinstindur, which is one of the most spectacular vantage points of Iceland.

Day 2


Wake up and breath in the mountain air!

There’s nothing better than waking up in nature.


If we didn’t hike up the mountain the day before, we most certainly will in the morning of the second day.  This view just can’t be missed!


Strange moss covered lava formations, far off the beaten track.  There’s a small cabin close by, which used to belong to the farmers in the area and was used for the annual autumn sheep round-up.

Elgjá Canyon

Now, Eldgjá Canyon must be pretty proud of itself, as it holds two world records!  It’s the largest volcanic canyon in the world, 40 km long and 600 m wide and the first documented eruption in 934 was the largest flood basalt in historic time, but 18 km3 of magma poured out of the earth!  How about that!

Ófærufoss Waterfall

Ófærufoss is a remarkable waterfall in the Eldgjá chasm.  It used to have a natural bridge over it, but the bridge collapsed in the 90’s.

Lunch in Álftavötn

We’ll have lunch by Álftavötn Lake.


We’ll drive over the sands of Mælifellssandur, to Mt. Mælifell.  Mælifell, which means Measure Mountain, is amazing in its green contrast against the black sand.


Markarfljótsgljúfur is an impressive gorge, carved out the land by the Markarfljót River.  On the way to Markarfljótsgljúfur will pass through striking scenery, suh as Hvanngil, Álftavatn, Laufafell, Hungurfit, Krókur and Þverárbotnar.


We’ll stop in Gluggafoss in Fljótshlíð.  The name means Window Fall.

Return to Reykjavík.

After two adventurous days we’ll head back to Reykjavík, or to the accommodation of your wishes.

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January 16, 2017

“There is no way to predict when one could see the northern lights but Klemmi went out of his way to find some for us. He made sure we are comfortable during the ride, serving us hot chocolate and letting us stay warm inside the vehicle while he looks for the lights. Also, he took pictures for us which is an added bonus specially for those like me who wants to document the experience but no knowledge on taking special photographs.”

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