Private Tours

The Golden Circle

The essential sights!
8 Hours

The South Shore Extended in 2 Days

See the spectacular contrast of the South Shore
2 days

The Highlands Extended in 3 Days

The Highlands in all their glory!
3 days

The Highlands in 2 Days

The Highlands in all their glory!
2 days

Northern Lights

The northern lights (Aurora borealis) are without a doubt nature’s most spectacular creation.
5-6 Hours

Your Custom Tour

For Booking and more Information Do you have a dream destination in Iceland?
12 Hours

The Best of Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuháls

See parts of Laugavegur and a whole lot more!
9 Days

Borgarfjörður & Þingvellir

Borgarfjörður is a different choice
12 Hours


Canyons, Valleys, Waterfalls and Glaciers
12-14 hours


Take the High Road!
12 Hours